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Friday, December 19, 2008

2008 Staff Favorites

We thought it might be fun to introduce ourselves and share with you our personal favorite acquisitions of 2008. We hope that all our visitors would want to come in and play this game of choosing favorite objects and become acquainted with more of our wide ranging art collection. Choose perhaps at least one decorative art piece and one painting or sculpture. Please let us know what you choose by writing one or more objects in our comment book or at our reception desk where you sign in. We will highlight visitor favorites in next year's December blog.

2008 has been a good year for Kirkland Museum. We have been joined by many new members and friends who enjoyed this very special place for the first time this year. We have welcomed visitors from many states and countries. We have been so fortunate in adding new paintings, sculptures and decorative art objects to our exciting collections.

The staff has much to be grateful for this year – for the wonderful artists whose work surrounds us every day, for the growing number of visitors at our door, for each other and for our wonderful director and curator, Hugh Grant. We wish to all of these and you, our best wishes for a wonderful art-filled holiday season and a peaceful, joyful art-filled new year.

Gerald Horner Administrative Manager

City Forms
(1961) by Al Wynne
"I love the strong structure and bold colors of this painting. So powerful and playful at the same time."

Maya Wright Marketing and Membership Coordinator

"My favorite new objects of 2008 are
Tapio Wirkkala's Laminated Birch Plywood Platter (1951) and Nikke Chair (1958). I love the striped plywood and the delicate quality of these pieces. I imagine how lovely the tray would look filled with a few green apples. They just make my day brighter.I want to wish everyone happy holidays. I am so thankful for our enthusiastic visitors, members and volunteers!"

Chris Herron Registrar & Collections Manager

Ceres Prepares for Winter (1980s)
, by Edward Marecak
"A beautifully executed, intriguing piece by probably my favorite painter in the collection. It's painted on a piece of ping-pong table and weighs about fifty pounds!"

Alisha Stovall Collections & Marketing Assistant

Coffee Set by Jutta Sika
(1901–1902) "This is my favorite acquisition of 2008 because this set is an amazing and beautiful example of Wiener Werkstätte aesthetic, designed by one of many exceptional women artists that the Kirkland Museum showcases. Jutta Sika was amongst several prolific female Wiener Werkstätte designers during an era in which the importance and contribution of women artists were rarely recognized within artistic movements."

Mary Beth Orr
Volunteer Program
and Public Programs Coordinator
Tall Wrapped Abstract Blue Sculpture (1994) by Carroll Hansen – "I have long been a fan of Hansen's black–glazed geometric pieces. The fluidity of the shapes and the luscious blue color of this new abstract piece are very different and remind me of the sea, which I love and miss".

Holly Victor Marketing Director

"In 2005 we mounted our first temporary exhibition on the works of William Sanderson, a Colorado artist and colleague of Vance Kirkland. On the cover of the brochure was the painting "The Lovers" that we borrowed from a private collection. When we acquired the painting this year I was thrilled - both because I love the stylized treatment of this couple seated in a barren landscape, and because the painting reminds of that difficult, exciting and ultimately rewarding undertaking of our first special exhibition."

Katrina Boldry
Visitor Services Coordinator
"I am fascinated by the addition of David Mazza's Procyon (2008) to our entryway because it was done specifically for the site. Kirkland Museum has several other Mazza sculptures including a large one in the back garden, and they are very different. Mazza represents a new generation of Colorado artists who are being shown along side historic Colorado artists at Kirkland Museum."
"I wanted to also choose a decorative art object because I have an inexplicable attraction to small household appliances. This multi-functional travel iron is also a water kettle; how brilliant is that? It even has adapters to fit any electrical outlet you may encounter on your journey. I can imagine this lovely item stowed away in luggage, circling the globe on a luxurious cruise ship. Nothing says luxury like the ability to quickly prepare a nice cup of tea and freshen up your wrinkled clothing no matter where you are."

Hugh Grant
Director and Curator

Clown with Wand
(Enamel on Copper) by Herman Cassagranda.
"This choice was particularly difficult for me since I acquired all of these objects. However, I picked this work because few people realize how difficult the discipline of enamel is to do expertly. This is a masterpiece of American enamel and another work in Kirkland Museum that demonstrates the contribution of Colorado to American art history. The quality of Colorado art is one of the principle reasons our out-of-state visitors are so stunned when they explore Kirkland Museum."

Here's to 2009 – Happy New Year to all from the Kirkland staff!