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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Those who know say that Oliver Mourgue's "Bouloum" Chair, 1968, is very comfortable. It seems to have been Mourgue's own favorite of his furniture designs. Though his Djinn series of furniture was more popular, partly due to its appearance in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Mourgue was known to carry a Bouloum chair around the world with him. He was laughed at for taking one with him on planes. He made something of a hobby of documenting the chair's journey around the world by photographing it in various locations, including in front of cast iron architecture in New York City. Mourgue's philosophy is that life is full of chance encounters and incoherence, so why not have fantasy or poetry side by side with high technology - furthermore, he believes people invent while playing.

"Bouloum" comes from the nickname of Mourgue's childhood friend. The nonsensical nature of the name is fitting for this whimsical chair. The Bouloum chair is made in many colors, either in fiberglass or upholstered with a cover, as is our chair at Kirkland Museum. Originally produced by Airborne in France, it has been in continuous production through Arconas since their purchase of Airborne in 1972.

The Bouloum lounge chair is currently on view in the studio exhibition room.

Maya Wright
Marketing & Membership Coordinator


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