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Vance Kirkland

Vance Kirkland: Publications

Catalogs and Books

  • Abstract and Surrealist American Art. Chicago, IL: The Art Institute of Chicago, 1947. Exhibition catalog for exhibition given November 6, 1947 to January 11, 1948.
  • Askew, Janie, Kathryn Ninneman and Caitlin Whaley. Master Watercolors from the Jan Perry Mayer Collection of Works on Paper. Denver, CO: University of Denver, 2010. Exhibition catalog.
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  • David Findlay Jr. Gallery. Masterworks 2015. New York, NY: David Findlay Jr. Gallery, 2015.
  • Denver Art Museum: Major Works in the Collection. Denver, CO: Denver Art Museum, 1981.
  • Denver Art Museum: The First Hundred Years. Denver, CO: Denver Art Museum, 1996.
  • Erion, Doug. Colorado Landscapes and The New Age of Discovery. Loveland, CO: Loveland Museum/Gallery, 2001. Exhibition catalog.
  • Fitz, Péter, ed. Vance Kirkland: A Painter from Denver. Budapest, Hungary: Kiscelli Muzeum, 1997. Exhibition catalog.
  • Fredrick, Rose Glaser, ed. Masterpieces of Colorado—A Rich Legacy of Landscape Painting, 2007. Exhibition catalog.
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  • Jacobs, Dan, ed. Eight Painters & Sculptors at the University of Denver 1930–1965, Denver, CO: University of Denver, 2010. Exhibition catalog.
  • Kirkland. Rome, Italy: Galleria Schneider, October 1960. Exhibition catalog.
  • Leavitt, Craig W. and Thomas J. Noel. Herndon Davis, Painting Colorado History, 1901–1962. Boulder, CO: University Press of Colorado, 2016. Pg. 11. 
  • Macrocosm/Microcosm: Abstract Expressionism in the American Southwest. Norman, OK: Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, 2014. Exhibition catalog. Pgs. 32-33, 81-83. 
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  • Maytham, Thomas N. and Hugh A. Grant. Vance Kirkland: Mysteries in Space. New York, NY: Paragon Productions, 1978. Exhibition catalog.
  • Motian-Meadows, Mary and Georgia Garnsey. The Murals of Colorado: Walls that Speak. Denver, CO: Westcliffe Publishing, 2012.
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  • Reality and Fantasy 1900–1954. Minneapolis, MN: Walker Art Center, 1954. Exhibition catalog.
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  • Sternberg, Barbara Edwards with Jennifer Boone and Evelyn Waldron. Foreword by Tom Noel. The Things That Last When Gold is Gone: Anne Evans—A Pioneer in Colorado’s Cultural History. Denver, CO: Barbara Sternberg, 2011. Pgs. 218, 404-405.
  • Valdes, Daniel, ed. Who’s Who in Colorado—Centennial Anniversary Edition. Boulder, CO: Johnson Publishing Co., 1958.
  • Vance Kirkland Exhibition. Düsseldorf, Germany: Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf, 1999. Exhibition catalog.
  • Vance Kirkland: Fifty Years. Denver, CO: Denver Art Museum, 1978. Exhibition catalog.
  • Vance Kirkland. Latvia: Publishing House of Latvian Association of Art Museums DOMA, 1998. Exhibition catalog.
  • Vance Kirkland. Lithuania: M.K. Ciurlionis National Museum of Art, 1997. Exhibition catalog.
  • Vance Kirkland—Malarstwo / Painting. Warsaw, Poland: National Museum, 1998. Exhibition catalog.
  • Vance Kirkland. Poland: The State Gallery of Poland, 1997. Exhibition catalog.
  • Vance Kirkland. Prague, Czech Republic: The Czech Museum of Fine Arts, 1998. Exhibition catalog.
  • Vance Kirkland Retrospective Exhibition. Denver, CO: University of Denver, 1991.
  • A Vance Kirkland Retrospective—Paintings and Drawings 1926–1981. Loveland, CO: Loveland Museum/Gallery, 2002. Exhibition catalog.
  • Vance Kirkland Retrospective. St. Petersburg, Russia: The State Russian Museum, 2000. Exhibition catalog.
  • Vance Kirkland. Valencia, Spain: Centre Cultural La Beneficència Diputació de València, 1999. Exhibition catalog.
  • The View From Denver. Vienna, Austria: Adolf Holzhausens Nfg. GesmbH, 1997. Exhibition catalog.
  • Weiermair, Peter. Vance Kirkland 1904–1981, Thalwil/Zurich, Switzerland: Stemmle, 1998. Exhibition catalog.
  • Zalkind, Simon. Infinite in All Directions—Cosmos and Canvas in Colorado. Denver, CO: Mizel Center for Arts and Culture, 2006. Exhibition catalog.


  • Paul, Millie. “New Art of the American West.” VHS. Produced by Philip Morris Corporation, N.Y., 1979.

Television Video

  • Grant, Hugh and Emmerich Oross. Vance Kirkland’s Visual Language. DVD. Produced in association with KRMA-TV, Channel SIX Denver, 1994.
  • Hassel, Joshua V. MuseumMuseum, West of the Mississippi: Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art. DVD. Produced by KBDI Channel 12 PBS Denver, 2003.
  • The Artist and the Muse. VHS. Produced in association with KRMA-TV, Channel SIX-Denver, 1999.