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Teco Table Lamp (No. 339)

Teco Table Lamp (No. 339)

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William Bryce Mundie (1863–1939, American, b. Canada)

Gates Potteries (1899–1929), Terra Cotta, IL


12 x 10 3/8 x 10 3/8 inches

Teco Ware was a line of pottery by Gates Potteries, named for the first syllables of Terra Cotta, which was the Illinois town where Gates was situated, as well as a type of clay. William Day Gates, the founder of Gates Potteries, commissioned architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and William James Dodd to create designs for Teco pottery. As a result, the Teco aesthetic is heavily influenced by Wright’s Prairie School, with simplified shapes and architectural handles and supports, like the stout legs on this lamp. Teco pottery is characterized by a matte, sea green glaze and a surface mostly devoid of ornamentation. The pots were molded, rather than thrown by hand on the potter’s wheel, which made them easier to mass-produce and therefore more affordable.

ON VIEW in Arts & Crafts Gallery 3

Four Teco "T"-shaped logo marks impressed in bottom, one under each foot

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Collection Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art

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