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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions often asked about Kirkland or the foundation. We hope to answer some of those questions in this section. However, if you do not find the answers you are looking for, or would like to share your opinion, feel free to contact us. You might see your question posted on our site

Q: How long has the studio building been in existence?
A: It was built in 1910.

Q: Was the original studio ever used as a residence?
A: No, the original studio was never used as a residence. Built in 1910, it was used by Henry Read for the Students' School of Art from 1911-1931. Later, Kirkland utilized the building to create his work, teach his students and host functions for outside art organizations (1932-1981). Kirkland's residence was located at 9th & Pearl Street in Denver, Colorado.

Q: Who owns the foundation?
A: Colorado native, Hugh Grant. Upon Kirkland's death, Mr. Grant became Executor of Kirkland's estate. From that day forward, he promoted Kirkland's artwork nationally and internationally, bringing wide-spread awareness of Vance Kirkland's work.

Q: Why did Vance Kirkland suspend himself above his paintings?
A: Kirkland was only 5'3" and his paintings were so large that he could not reach the center of the paintings from the sides of his worktable. Setting above the paintings enabled Kirkland to, in a sense, submerge himself in the creation of his works.

Q: Was Kirkland ever married?
A: Kirkland married Anne Fox Oliphant Olson (a librarian) on July 26, 1941. (Anne originally turned down a proposal from Kirkland only to marry him years later.) Together they had no children.