100 More, Because Less is a Bore!


"More is more, less is a bore"—Hugh Grant and Robert Venturi

You’ve probably heard Mies van der Rohe’s quotable summary of the Modernism movement, “less is more.” Architect Robert Venturi, sometimes hailed as the father of Postmodern architecture (though he disliked the term), riffed on Mies’s statement, proclaiming “less is a bore.” 

Kirkland Museum’s Founding Director & Curator, Hugh Grant, has humorously adopted Venturi’s sentiment and attached his own phrase—”more is more”—to describe his collecting and display style. The generous displays allow visitors to experience objects as they might in a home, and let visitors “choose their own adventure” in deciding what to look at.

Museum staff, and especially Mr. Grant, find it challenging to choose highlights from the approximately 4,400 works on view, but we recognize the importance of illuminating the stories of selected works. In 2016, 300 collection highlights were chosen to feature on our website, with the intention to add more. Since the Museum temporary closed in March due to COVID-19, our focus switched to providing online-only experiences and the staff have been able to add new content to our website, including 100 more highlights of the collection for you to explore as you “Museum From Home!” 

Click on any image below to be taken to the highlight page about the work.

This virtual exhibition was curated by Christopher Herron with additional research and writing by Maya Wright, Becca Goodrum, Sherise Talbott and Kaitlin Morelock. Page design by Maya Wright. Logo design by Peri Marketing & Public Relations, Inc.

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