Designing Deco

May 1–August 31, 2020

Picture a flashy flapper drinking her way through the Roaring 20s. She’s glitzy and glamorous, but only one iconic part of the story of the lived experience during the Art Deco era (1920–1940). Kirkland Museum’s summer 2020 exhibition, Designing Deco, explores the design of Deco objects related to four themes: vanity, speed, vice and jazz. Through these themes, the Museum will increase awareness of the societal influences and advances in technology that shaped the design of useful objects made for a wide range of consumers.

On the first Sunday of each month (May–August), Kirkland Museum will host exciting conversations and demonstrations with community partners and curatorial staff diving deeper into one of the four themes. Join us 12 to 5pm for these first-Sunday programs, included with general admission.

Designing Deco exhibition logo