Pull Up a Chair

Virtual Exhibition

Pull Up a Chair:
A Selection of Chairs from Kirkland Museum’s Permanent Collection

Chairs have long been admired for both form and function. What some see as simply a place to sit, others imagine as a work of art or engineering marvel. Over the years, Kirkland Museum’s Founding Director & Curator Hugh Grant has amassed a stunning collection of chairs spanning a wide range of movements and styles. This love affair with chairs includes over 600 pieces ranging from Arts & Crafts to Postmodern. Kirkland Museum is proud to share its chairs via a carefully curated collection of digital images and detailed descriptions. 45 of the 150 chairs typically on view are included in Pull Up a Chair, a digital experience intended to amuse and inform, and leave the viewer wanting more.

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This virtual exhibition was curated by Christopher Herron, with research by Becca Goodrum and page design by Maya Wright.

Pull Up a Chair Bug