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What the Experts Say

I believe your museum has the finest survey of 20th century design on view in America today.”

Peter Loughrey, Director of Los Angeles Modern Auctions; formerly Director of 20th Century Decorative Arts at Bonhams & Butterfield’s, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Geneva, April 2003.

There is precious little opportunity to see scholarly installations of 20th century furniture and decorative arts in this country. Most museums, if they have made any commitment to the period at all, either rotate a small portion of their collections or relegate holdings to a handful of objects in well hidden cases. The Kirkland Museum in Denver, Colorado is one of the few exceptions to this rule. The winding galleries, spread over two floors encompassing about 7,000 square feet of display space, include prime examples of Modernist material, from Arts & Crafts to Deco to Pop. This museum should be on the ‘must see’ list of any serious scholar, collector or dealer of 20th century design.”

David Rago, President of the nationally important David Rago Auctions, Lambertville, New Jersey; frequent guest of the PBS television series “Antiques Roadshow.”

The collections that you have built for the museum are really remarkable, especially from my perspective as a curator who has been building a collection of American design in the same time period . . . I commend you for what you have accomplished at the Kirkland. Nowhere else in the country can one see such a comprehensive presentation of international 20th century design.”

Patricia E. Kane, Friends of American Arts Curator, American Decorative Arts, Yale University Art Gallery.

There is no doubt that the Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art is a treasure trove of a most outstanding international collection. The variation and breadth of the collection is unique in my experience. In my fifty years as a designer and collector I have visited museums worldwide and have never experienced such an extensive and important array of fine and decorative arts integrated in each room.”

Robert Blaich, American industrial designer; Senior Managing Director of Design for Royal Phillips Electronics, Netherlands (1980–1992), where he supervised three hundred and eighty designers in twenty-eight countries; previously Vice President of Design and Corporate Communications for Herman Miller Inc. (fifteen years), working with Charles & Ray Eames, George Nelson and others.

If you are a fan of the modern design movement, you will love the Kirkland Museum’s vast collection of well known and lesser known modern classics. The passion of this salon style collection is evident. It is much more intimate and dense than the typical sterile museum design collection. Eames and Saarinen are shoulder to shoulder with Ross Lovegrove and Gio Ponti. Think of it as the best design cocktail party you have ever attended, with all the stars there and talking to each other through their work.”

Michael McCoy, international product designer, educator and author; former Director (with his wife Katherine) of the Design Department of the Cranbrook Academy of Art for twenty-four years (1972–1995), Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; first recipient, with Katherine, of the Smithsonian National Design Museum’s “Design Minds” National Design Award as, in the words of the museum: “visionaries who have affected a paradigm shift in design thinking”; has received over two hundred awards for his designs for Knoll, NEC, Steelcase and Phillips Electronics, and interior designs for Formica and interiors magazine; he continues to design, publish and lecture.

What Visitors from Many States and Countries Say

Fabulous . . . nothing like it in California (or anywhere???). Thanks a million!”

Sunnyvale, California

Fantastic little-known collection of Modern, Arts & Crafts and Art Deco items. Best display I’ve seen in the U.S. (N.Y., Chicago, L.A., etc.).”

Wichita, Kansas

This is an amazing museum; I’m very impressed by the art.”

Borghorst, Germany

It was the highlight of my free time in Denver . . . I loved the museum!”

Helena, Montana

I’d have to say that this is the most comprehensive and varied collection of its kind in North America—Montreal (Decorative Arts Museum) is nothing by comparison!”

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Your museum continues to get better, which shocks me that it could.”

Englewood, Colorado

Amazing! How lucky for Denver to have this collection, not only of decorative arts, but also of Colorado artists.”

Stuttgart, Germany

Wonderful collection. We lived for several decades in D.C., before in S.F. Nothing on either coast can match it.”

San Francisco, California

What a gem of a collection, we’re so glad it exists!”

New York, New York

Impressive—I have never seen a facility with such dedication, love and care for the collection.”

Austin, Texas

This experience is something I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Healy, Alaska

I have never been one to be emotionally moved by abstract art . . . except on a few occasions. That has changed. Kirkland brings such emotion and soul through his paintings that I will be forever changed.”

Arvada, Colorado

The best collection of arts and crafts and Art Deco I’ve seen in once place, many pieces I’ve seen only in books . . . loved it!”

Eugene, Oregon

I am truly speechless! The most comfortable museum environment I have ever experienced. Thank you!”

Norwich, Vermont

I have not enjoyed a museum so much in years. Everything here is an absolute joy . . . an absolute gem.”

Keighley, England

I am overawed! Exceptional combination—wonderful paintings, ceramics and other objects. Well done!”

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Incredible! One of the most beautiful, personal and well-thought-out museums I’ve ever seen.”

Golden, Colorado

A fine collection, beautifully presented despite the amount of material on view, in a delightful atmosphere. Worth crossing the world for!”

M.P., House of Commons, London, England

The ‘inclusionism’ rather than ‘elitism’ is a large component of this profoundly meaningful collection.”


More packed (beautifully) into a small space than I’ve ever seen. My kind of art museum: intimate.”

Dayton, Ohio

As members of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, enjoyed the FLW collection, also admired Kirkland’s art work!”

Mississauga, Ontario

Fantastic collection and such an intimate setting! I would bring anyone here.”

Mountain View, California

There were things I have looked at for decades and saw for the first time today. This collection is a great gift.”

Newton, Kansas

This museum changed my mind about modern and abstract art. Vance Kirkland is amazing.”

Denver, Colorado

This place is fabulous and we had a great personal tour.”

Vancouver, British Columbia

Wonderful collection, enjoyed every bit and especially meeting Mr. Hugh Grant, the Director.”

Perrysburg, Oklahoma